• Introduction to Digital Marketing

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    Venue: Gurgaon

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    The Introduction to Digital Marketing by FrogIdeas Academy is a tailor made course in digital marketing exclusively for business owners, sales and marketing professionals and students who want to learn digital marketing basics, by FrogIdeas - India's leading Digital Marketing Agency.


    The course content trains participants in implementing the use of digital marketing in their job fields and monitor its performance.


    Students taking this course Get an Exclusive Opportunity to Work with a FrogIdeas client to showcase their skill.


    Take Your Business to The Next Level in Just 4 Sessions.

    Session 1
    1. Understand how digital works.

    2. Create your digital marketing roadmap.

    Session 2
    3. Understanding websites and mobile apps

    4. Utilising Search Engine Optimization

    Session 3
    5. Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

    6. Email Marketing

    Session 4

    7. Paid ads on Facebook and LinkedIn

    8. Paid ads with Google AdWords